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All About Orthodontics at Curtis Orthodontics

Our orthodontists’ first priority is to provide the highest quality orthodontic treatment in Chandler, Arizona as well as the surrounding areas like Gilbert. Using proven state-of-the-art technology, Curtis Orthodontics is able to complete orthodontic services in the most comfortable and efficient way possible. Utilizing the most advanced procedures and equipment, we are able to ensure that each patient receives a healthy and happy smile that will last a lifetime.


Orthodontics Services Offered at Curtis Orthodontics

Here at Curtis Orthodontics we are pleased to offer the following types of orthodontic treatment:


Clear Aligners

Using gradual force, clear aligners gently move teeth into alignment without the use of metal wires or brackets. Clear aligners are made with very strong plastic material that is fabricated specifically to fit the patient’s teeth. As treatment progresses, the patient switches through a series of aligners, each one bringing the teeth closer to their correct alignment. 


Orthodontic Emergencies

True orthodontic emergencies are rare, but when they occur we are available to you. As a general rule, you should call our office when you experience severe pain or have a painful appliance problem you can’t take care of yourself. We’ll be able to schedule an appointment to resolve the problem.


Orthodontic Mouthguards

Braces are an investment worth protecting. Even if you don’t always wear a mouthguard while playing sports, you’ll want to reconsider while wearing braces. Properly fitted mouthguards help protect both an athlete’s teeth and the other athletes on the field. An ill-fitting mouthguard is not only uncomfortable it’s also less effective at protecting you from impact, injury, and damage.


Orthognathic Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery) treats and corrects abnormalities of the facial bones, specifically the jaws and the teeth. Using the latest in digital imaging technology, we will demonstrate the overall functional and aesthetic benefits of orthognathic surgery. Computerized treatment planning minimizes treatment times, recovery periods and the overall efficacy of your surgery.


Types of Braces

We offer several different types of braces so that we can match each patient with their ideal orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is great for patients who want low-profile treatment, traditional metal braces can treat the widest range of orthodontic problems, and self-ligating braces can reduce the number of adjustment appointments you’ll need during treatment.


Interceptive Orthodontics

In traditional orthodontic treatment, the patient only begins treatment after most or all of their adult teeth have grown in. However, certain issues with the bite, dental alignment, and facial development can start to appear long before the last few adult teeth show up. We encourage parents to bring their children in for a consultation as early as age seven so that we can check for signs of future orthodontic issues.



To keep your smile looking its best after the braces come off, you’ll have to wear a retainer to preserve and stabilize your results. Retainers are needed to control or limit potential changes in tooth position. They are used after braces treatment to hold teeth in their correct alignment while the surrounding gums, bone, and muscle adjust to the new positioning of your teeth.


How Drs. Curtis and Rogowski Can Help

If you want to feel great about your smile and would like a consultation, please give us a quick call at 480-838-7410 or send us a email. We would love to listen to your concerns and find a treatment plan that is perfect for you at our orthodontic office in Chandler, Arizona, also convenient for patients in Gilbert. You can learn more about our practice by checking our business page, and make sure to get directions before heading our way.